Retreats 2022

There are two Retreats in 2022. 
Be excited!

Yoga & Wine Retreats 2022

More Information coming asap. 

Brandenburg: Yoga & Wine. Aaand Flow.

7 / 14 people max.

3 days, 2 nights
May | Friday, 20th - Sunday, 22nd
235€ p.p. + hotel (Single à 86€/night & Double à 139|2/night)

Italy, Tuscany. Yoga & Wine. Aaaand Sun :)!
10 / 16 people max.

52021 Bucine, Province of Arezzo, Italien

5 days, 4 nights
August | Wednesday, 3rd - Sunday, 7th
995€ p.p. (Double room) | 1.350€ p.p. (Single room)) 
(+38€ for the special Wine-tasting with our gourmet Sommelier)

May | Brandenburg

If you already know me, you know my approach to doing an asana the right way. 
I have a deep trust in the transformative power of a strong practice, combining proper alignment and fun. This is exactly what this weekend is about! 

This does not mean that you have to master hanumanasa (the full front split to 180°). Instead, it means listening to your body and your current status quo to find the perfect balance - So, give your best & you chill. There’s no need to worry about your asana practice level - there will be the right adjustment(s) for everyone. 
So I invite you to go deeper into your practice, 
to learn about the do’s and don’ts in asanas. 

Join now 

Price Yoga

222€ + hotel accommodation. See below.

Choose between: Single at 86€/night & Double at139€/night. 

Travel | Transport
By train the hotel is reachable within 1.50h (Hauptbahnhof), 2.30h by car. 


Day 1 - Thursday
Arrival from 2.00-3.00pm
Get to know 3.30-4.30pm
Conditional Yoga class & Meditation 5.00-6.45pm
Dinner 7.15pm 

Day 2 - Friday 
Morning Meditation 7.45-8.10am
Conditional Yoga 8.15-09.30am
Brunch 10.45am-12pm | Free time until 3.00pm
Fundamental Workshop 3.00-6.00pm
Dinner 6.30pm

Day 3 - Sunday 
Morning Meditation & Conditional Yoga 8.00-10.00am
Brunch 10.00am 
Closing Circle 12.00-1pm
Departure 1pm


The beautiful Ahead Burghotel will provide you the perfect environment to relax: A huge garden, delicious vegan food, and a sauna to relax the muscles and mind.. You can choose between a single or double room. See for yourself why a stay is worth it. You will be surrounded by nature, a beautiful lake, delicious local vegan food, a sauna & Yoga! 

Location | Accommodation
The sustainable, plantbased, and organic castle hotel, located in the Unesco nature resort Elbe Brandenburg with 5 hectares  of garden awaits us. 
Rooms: There are a couple of rooms reserved; - just send an email 
(subject “Yoga & Wine. Aaand flow!”). 

Choose between: Single at 86€/night & Double at139€/night. 

What to expect / what you get.


  • Yoga Classes, Fundamental Workshop, Stretching.
  • Yoga Room. Castle attic floor of 200m2 
  • 2 nights in the sustainable castle hotel in the Unesco nature resort Elbe Brandenburg.  
  • Delicious and local vegetarian/vegan brunch + 2-course dinner.
  • Yoga Mat, sauna & Shower towels. 


  • Travel, drinks.

August | Tuscany

A detailed why’s and how’s of the asanas, fun, challenging and sweaty Yoga & Stretch flows, meditation, and self exploration- that’s what the 5 days are about. 
And about sun, friends, pool & wine!  

We have a deep trust in the transformative power of a strong practice. That’s what we are going for, because we want the perfect Yoga pose. Well, you will never find or do so we’d say, to accomplish a perfect Yoga pose. 
But you can find more details, more understanding and more awareness in your practice. We will also be expanding our self- awareness through the hypnotic meditation of Yoga Nidra. Through with your hearts desire, we will rest, restore, and manifest together.

Location | Program | Teachers


The discovery takes place in a gorgeous, old, italian villa in Tuscany. Combined with delicious food and special (sparkling) wines! In the middle of the nature of Tuscany, Italy, located  among the olive trees - Our words could not be any worth of the beauty you will find there. 

Let’s just say we have 8 air conditioned bedrooms, bathrooms, a common area, living rooms, a huge garden, a pool, and even more gardens.
The perfect surroundings to rest while enjoying delicious food and wine, while soaking up the sun, and furthering your Yoga practice. 


Mari is a Yoga Alliance qualified yoga teacher, based in Berlin. Having danced ballet for over 17 years, she grew up moving and working with the body. Mari is happy that so far she had the honor to go through a never ending education of different Yoga styles with some of the best international teachers in the world. 
Mari’s intention is to share ancient wisdom in fusion with modern-day dynamic and challenging flow classes to support students toward self-realization and finding balance in the every-day life. 
And this for her means: 
Be critical, be open, push yourself, but chill as well, 
be happy and be smart in your individual practice.


Maha is a yoga and meditation teacher who is particularly passionate about the mind’s transformational power. As a mystic, she lives her life as a co-creation with Spirit, whose call inspired her to travel the world to study & teach yoga in some of the world’s most sacred places, most frequently: Peru, Guatemala, and Bali. 
She deeply appreciates the art of ceremony as a transformational tool to access the deep unconscious, and infuses her techniques with science, tradition, and play. Some of Maha’s most proud accomplishments are receiving the Reiki Master initiation in Japan and earning her MA in Psychology from Columbia University. 
With over 2,500 certified learning hours, Maha’s style is influenced by her favorite teachers, including: Sally Kempton, Yogi Charu, Judith Hanson Lassater, Marcus Veda, and Jared McCann. 


Day 1 - Wednesday, 3rd of Aug

Arrival until 4.00pm

Welcoming & Get to know | Short meditation 4.00-5.00pm

Conditional Yoga class 5.15-6.30pm 

Dinner 7.30pm 

Day 2 - Thursday, 4th of Aug 

Breath + Meditation 7.45-8.15am

Slow Flow and Nidra 8.30-10.30am

Brunch 10.45am-12am | Free time until 3.00pm

Fundamental workshop 3.00-5.30pm

Q-Hour Asana 05.30-6.30am

Dinner 7.00pm

Day 3 - Friday, 5th of Aug  

Morning Meditation 8.00-8.30am

Stretching 8.45-9.45am

Q-Hour Asana 10.00-10.45am

Brunch 10.45am - 12am | Free time until 4am

Your Heart’s Desire: 4.00-6.00pm

Dinner 7.00pm

Day 4 - Saturday, 6th of Aug 

Morning Meditation 8.00-8.30am

Conditional Yoga 8.45-10.30am

Q-Hour Asana 10.30-11.00am

Brunch 11.00am - 12.30am | Free time until 3am

Ritual + Ceremony 3.00-04.30am

Wine Tasting & Dinner 5.30pm 

Day 5 - Sunday, 7th of Aug  

Morning Meditation & Stretching 8.30-10.00am

Brunch 10.30am 

Closing Circle 12.00-1pm

Departure 1pm

What to expect / what you get.


  • Yoga, Fundamental Workshops, Stretching, Meditation, Breath work. 
  • Accommodation in a double or single room in an old historian villa in the middle of the olive trees of Tuscany. 
  • Delicious and local vegetarian /vegan brunch + 2-course dinners, tee.
  • Special Wine tasting (add.) and on request delicious wines. 


  • Travel, Yoga mat (& props).
  • A Delicious wine tasting, guided by a sommelier: Additional 38€


DZ - 950 EUR

EZ - 1.300 EUR

What to expect.

Fundament | Q-Hour

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, having a strong foundation will only enhance your experience. 

In these hours we will take the time to go into details of asanas. Be open, be smart, be curious in  your practice. Notice, ask and ask more! 
We will go through your questions, the asanas, and through a healthy and worthy stretching practice.


It doesn’t matter if you want to be more flexible or “just” healthier - You will feel a difference after 1h of this active Stretching class. I give you my word! Stretching is ideal for flexibility, your health, and awareness of the body and mind. It allows muscles to relax and lengthen, which as a result, puts less strain on the skeletal system and reduces tension throughout the whole body. By doing so, it increases mobility and flexibility, creating better body alignment and muscular balance. 

Conditional Yoga

Dynamic exercises in flow, the combination of different Yoga styles that break the thinking in the box system. Challenge yourself, loose yourself with our music playlists according to the asanas and movements, and find ease at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not. You will be challenged!

Breath & Meditation

Both intentional breathing and meditation will be practiced on this retreat to help you clear your mind and receive the healing benefits of deep relaxation. Throughout the week we will work with both seated and lying-down meditations to experience inner peace and channel the power of your heart’s desire to create change from within.

In addition to decreasing anxiety, stress, and hypertension- the relaxation response we will initiate works with your brain states to re-program your subconscious mind to experience more joy as you work towards your goals. You may also experience improvements in your digestion and healing to your nervous system. At the end of this magical week, we will seal our intentions into the cosmos with a New Moon ceremony.

Yoga Meditation Retreat Workshop Wine Yoga Retreat

Yoga & Wine Retreat '21

Fully booked.

4 Days Yoga 

NEW: 30th of Sept - 3rd of Oct 2021

Yes - there will be wine at our Yoga retreat. 
We have teamed up to offer you a Yoga retreat like no other! 

Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays

In our opinion most retreats are too expensive, with too little Yoga, and you never know about the quality of the classes. We want to combine high quality Yoga with beautiful holiday surroundings and a great group of people to hang out with. 

Yoga Onda & Juliette van der Weijde 
help you to deepen your asana, stretching, pranayama & meditation practice! 
Sarah and Felix will be there for your soul - delicious food & the best wines! 
At beautiful Mas Palou you will find a Yoga retreat that concentrates on you and your wishes: 
strong Yoga classes, Yin Yoga & workshops on Breathwork & Stretching, 
accompanied by delicious vegan / vegetarian food & selected wines brought to you by a sommelier.

Mariyogaonda Yoga Lehrer Berlin Yoga teacher
Mari Yoga Onda Mariyogaonda
Mariyogaonda Yoga teacher Yoga Lehrer Berlin Marina Präger

Join us at Mas Palou in Spain

40 min (car) from Barcelona, Mas Palou is a beautiful 17th century family-run estate on
an organic vineyard. Mas Palou is quiet, offers you beautiful nature, time to relax...
Well, just see for yourself!
Mas Palou

Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays
Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays
Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays
Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays

Juliette and Mari will be guiding you through Yoga classes every single day, 
giving you a variety of styles. 

In addition to that, we will be offering 2 workshops to deepen your awareness and understanding: Healthy and individual Stretching & Pranayama. 
Mari will explore the healthy stretching, mobility and flexibility with you. 
Juliette will take you on a journey of the breath to release stress and suppressed emotions. 

You can make the most of your free time by simply enjoying the calmness, the rural environment and the community we will create. Lazing by the pool or taking meandering walks around the vineyard before you taste wines at dinner with our sommelier.

Enjoying healthy and fresh food & some wine from the beautiful Mas Palou.

Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays

Mari will guide you through her Conditional Yoga classes, 
a challenging and stimulating Vinyasa practice and 
meet your zen with calming and wholesome Yin. 

Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays

Juliette will guide you through her dynamic Vinyasa Flow with a 
focus on strength and flexibility for the spine.

4 Day Yoga retreat @ beautiful Mas Palou, Spain!

We can't wait for you to join us for this 4 day getaway retreat at beautiful Mas Palou, Spain!

  • Accommodation on the stunning family-owned vineyard from 1623 Mas Palou
  • All (home-cooked) meals, vegetarian-vegan 
  • 9 classes & 2 in-depth workshops!!! (guided dynamic Yoga classes, Yin Yoga, Workshop Breathwork + Stretching, guided Meditations.) 

It is our offer to you - you don’t have to take all of the classes if you feel like hanging out at the pool / in the vineyards instead, it’s your choice.

Doesn’t include:

  • Flights to Barcelona
  • Airport transfer (take a car or train - you will get more information from us)
  • Yoga mat
  • Delicious wine tasting, guided by sommelier: Additional 30€

What to expect on 30th of Sept - 3rd of Oct '21.

Day 1: Arrival 4-6pm

6PM: Welcome Yoga 75 Min. (Mari)

7.45PM: Dinner + Get-together

9.30PM: Meditation 30 Min. (Juliette)

Day 2:

7.30AM: Morning Meditation 30 Min. (Mari)

8.00 AM: Morning Yoga 90 Min. (Juliette)

11.00AM: Brunch + Free time

2.30PM: Workshop Stretch 90 Min. (Mari)

5.00PM: Flow Yoga 60 Min. (Juliette)

7.00PM: Dinner + glass of Wine

Day 3

7.30AM: Morning Meditation / Pranayama 30 Min. (Juliette)

8.00 AM: Morning Yoga 90 Min. (Mari)

11.00AM: Brunch + Free time

2.30PM: Yin Yoga 60 Min. (Mari)

4.00PM: Workshop Breathwork 90 Min. (Juliette)

7.00PM: Dinner + Wine Tasting

Day 4

8.30AM: Morning Yoga 90 Min. (Mari)

Brunch + Closing 

Check out by 1pm

Enjoy Wine Yoga Retreat Yoga Getaway Yoga Holidays


€490 for a double room
€460 for a triple room

Add. 30€ if you want to enjoy the wine.

Mas Palou is divided into three houses so if you are coming as a group / a pair do let us know so we can cleverly accommodate your stay. Max. 16 people. You can easily take the train to get to the house if you arrive to Barcelona.

To reserve your spot on this beautiful retreat the total price is required via PayPal: 
(For bank details, text us.)

  • Cal Joaquim (Fully booked)
    • 2 rooms with 3 twin beds
    • 2 rooms with queen bed

  • Cal Lluís
    • 2 rooms with 2 twin beds
    • 1 room with queen bed

Contact / more information & registration: