Yoga can be more than just lying on the floor or 
praying and singing in a spiritual "other" world. 
It can be challenging and calming at the same time.

Mari is a Yoga Alliance qualified yoga teacher, based in Berlin. 
Having danced ballet for over 17 years, she has always been into sports since she was little. Yoga in the contrary was not really her thing for a long time. 

Inspired and scared by the yoga hype, Mari asked herself what is behind it. 
The variety classes and teachers is as diverse as the people & motivations to attend a class: to strengthen the body, calming the mind, to do good for body and soul. 
But often the opposite is the outcome. 
So Mari was inspired to not just teach another yoga class, 
but to help her students to reach their goals in a healthy way. 

Dynamic exercises in flow that break the thinking in the box system 
and adapt to the practitioner. Special Stretching classes to relieve muscle tension and to elongate them in order to reduce the risk of injury. It goes hand in hand with an awareness for the body, a training of pranayama & meditation. 
And having fun. Just fun brings you consistency, consistency brings you success.

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Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.

                                                                          Charles Kuralt

Doing and teaching Yoga is a never ending life path and Mari is happy that so far she had the honor to have learned from some of the best international teachers in the world.

The search for more led Mari to Bali, where she studied the
Ashtanga practice with the Kalpana Radhika School and
Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Sequences with @danielrama, and @shaktibird.
The brahman priest and Master of the Vedas, Govinda Dev Das showed her that the old Yoga lectures and understandings are accurate in our daily modern life and that you can integrate it into your own life and lifestyle.

Mari is proud and grateful to say that in 2020 she was a
scholarship student of the LighthouseYoga School from New York City.
Going into the detailed Why & How's of the Asana and Meditation Sadhana practice and learning from no-one else than Jared McCann Mari is getting an even better understanding of each Asana. She can deepen her understanding of cueing her students in the best possible way to finding the right and healthy awareness. Polished by anatomy lectures and studies with Rebecca Causey - her own teaching is getting to a whole next level.

With the help of these (and many others) amazing teachers Maris intention is to share ancient wisdom in fusion with modern-day dynamic and challenging flow classes to support students toward self-realization and finding balance in the every-day life. 


Have fun with what you are doing 
and go your own way.

Mari started yoga because of the athletic aspect. 
Then she realized there is a deeper value of the yoga practice than just a strong, flexible body. The mind also gets stronger and flexible, calms down and 
reacts more balanced to stress, daily life and challenges.

Through a combination of a dynamic flow, music, and mindful observation, 
you reconnect body and breathing, and through that body and mind. 
There is no kind of paradigma. For Mari, it is the combination of different yoga & sport styles, philosophy and the influences of our modern world that 
brings understanding and peace in our challenging daily life. 

Mari truly believes that every person has to find and go its own way. 
She encourages the practitioners to be open for new experiences & challenges of body and mind. By expressing energy, you release tension and you calm the mind at the same time.