Advanced Flow | Sep '21

3 classes of Advanced Flow with a different focus!

Placed @Yogatribe

Safe your spot via Yogatribe, text me directly, USC / Classpass. 

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Workshop Berlin Yoga Retreat
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Special Berlin Classes October

Tuesday, 08.10.2019 - Advanced Level 3 - Flow @Yogatribe
Thursday, 10.10.2019 - Advanced Level 3 - Flow @Yogatribe
Tuesday, 22.10.2019 - Advanced Level 3 - Flow @Yogatribe

Friday, 18.10.2019 - Open Flow 60 + Open Flow 90 @Yoga Now
Saturday, 19.10.2019 - Open Flow 60 @Yoga Now
Sunday, 20.10.2019 - 2x Open Flow + YIN Yoga @Yoga Now

Check out Classes for more detail! Normal USC / Drop In ... Check in. 
Looking forward to see you there!


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Reasons for KAHA + Mari Yoga Onda:

A 100% focus that you do the exercises in a perfectly healthy and effective way, your individual goals.  

We reach your goal(s) together and you get tips how to achieve your ideas.  

Goals, level, intensity. I am there for your questions, ideas. Get a plan with exercises / ideas how to do it.

Bring up to 3 more friendsr. Price stays the same.

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Workshop Stretching

- Wellness für Körper & Seele -
unabhängig vom Fitnessgrad, Alter & Geschlecht! 

Samstag, 27.04.2019 11.00 - 14.00 Uhr

Was ist gesund, was effektiv?  Grundlagen, Bewusstsein, Kraft, Flexibilität  
In 3 Blöcken widmen wir uns: 
 Körpervorderseite | Körperrückseite | Schultern & Rücken