Stretch | Yoga 

Online + Offline Classes

You want to find a physical challenging Yoga & Stretch class that really fits you?

Have fun and do not just do it once! Don't take yourself too seriously, give your best, but allow yourself to fail in order to explore and get progress. 
It is about your body & your mind.
A real balance can only be achieved through fun, ease and repetition. 

Schedule August 2020

(shorter Schedule, back to more classes 2nd week of September)

Monday 7.00 pm Stretching, 60 Min.
@ Life Artists - Creators Hub, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin + Online.

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Wednesday 7 pm Conditional Yoga, 75 Min.
@Happy Pigeons, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, + Online. 

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Thursday 8 am @ Conditional Yoga, 60 Min.
Online + Offline @Kreuzbergyoga, Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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Class Styles: Open classes


Wednesday | Thursday 

Dynamic exercises in flow, the combination of different Yoga and sport styles that break the thinking in the box system and adapt to the practitioner. A pragmatic approach to the body to make the body and mind healthier overall. This goes hand in hand with a training of breathing and concentration.

All levels (maybe challenging for first time yogis :)).

Expect a 60 / 75 min mixed level class that is coming with a nice music playlist, so find inspiration, a lot of funny movements and challenge yourself. 


Monday | Tuesday | Friday  

After a full week of work at the desk we are stressed and our muscles are often tense. Maybe because of our couches even more :). With or without sports, sometimes we feel weak and lazy, our musculature wants to be stretched. 

Stretching is good for flexibility, as well as for the awareness of the body in general. It allows muscles to relax and lengthen, which as a result puts less strain on the skeletal system and reduces tension throughout the whole body. 

It increases your mobility and flexibility, creates better body alignment and muscular balance. 

For every level of fitness, flexibility, age or gender. You can expect a mix of body strengthening and stretching exercises.



Open your heart!
A caring heart does not only act just in the own interest. A caring heart sees where help is needed. And it helps.

We give what we can to support others with a donation! From my heart I want to thank you for joining and helping me! 

At least once per month we support a different NGO, a good cause and as a community we help others. Whatever you can give, you just check in and I give your check in as a donation, an amount via PayPal or you send me an e-mail. 

Together we are stronger and we can help others!  

Online Classes

Payment / Registration
Pre-register directly or on USC and you’ll get a Zoom Link 30-15 Min. before the class takes place. If you need help / there is a problem send me a text via phone / Instagram.
Check In via USC M&L. 

Online 5er Pass: 40€
Online Drop In: 11€
Online Middle Budget: 9€
Online Low Budget: 7€


Every month a new good case:

Amount of your choice & ability via PayPal

Offline Classes

7 people are able to join. 

You can save your spot via USC or book a drop in / 5classes / 10 classes pass directly via link.

Offline Drop in: 15€
Offline 5er Pass: 68€
Offline 10er Pass: 130€
(Access to all locations.)

Please be aware of:
- I am not allowed to give hands on.
- Bring your own mat (+ props if you want props). 
- Wear a mask until you are on your own mat. 
- Wash your hands. 
- Keep the physical distance. 
- Please bring your own drinks.

Class Styles: Groups & Privates


Get the tips! Follow your goals!

Book a private session (or up to 3 friends) on the @feelthekaha app and use the code 20% Code: KAHA20. You then are not only training just with your friends, but for the price as for a workshop! 

To start something new is scary. The idea is set. 

But it is hard to really start, maybe it is just not the right time, you are scared, etc. But now it is!

A one-on-one / a small group is a great way to learn the correct alignment, modifications and to work towards personal goals in your (yoga / stretch) practice. 


Our work and daily life can be very challenging, even more in a time like now. 

Bring your team together - ONLINE! or OFFLINE up to 7 people. We connect, we laugh and bond through movement, meditation and stretches. Perfect to reduce stress and focus the mind, to prevent illness. 

With the tools of yoga and meditation you help your employees and collegues deal with stress, challenges and to find a balance: a healthy body and mind for their work and life.